FlyMotion Media

FlyMotion Media is a professional aerial photography and videography company that produces highly specialized, close-range media using a variety of systems with adaptable cameras.

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What do we do?

FlyMotion Media focuses on cleverly capturing and producing all aspects of aerial photos, videos, imaging, and assessments. Our corporate office is in Tampa, Florida, but we are fully insured to operate worldwide.

  • Residential and commercial building inspections
  • Real estate and raw land topography
  • Wild life photography
  • Research and educational footage
  • Safety inspections
  • Marketing projects
  • Television and film footage
  • Sports and other events
  • Private parties

How we do it.

FlyMotion Media operates close-range aerial platforms with the capability to utilize multiple camera systems. We deliver precise, high-resolution images and videos based on our clients’ individual needs. Pictures and videos capture vibrant, real-life images with amazing clarity, attention to detail, and creativity.

Safety first.

Our team has over two decades of combined experience in public safety and they employ advanced safety techniques in all areas of operation during FlyMotion Media’s assignments. Whether running a simple photo shoot or acquiring complicated aerial video coverage, clients can expect not only top-notch quality and service but also unmatched safety protocols in the aerial photography industry.

Contact Us

FlyMotion Media
1228 E. 7th Ave. Suite 200
Tampa, FL 33605-3505

Office: (800)548-5844